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Here at GAD Tuning we can offer full staged tuning packages for all models of modern Mercedes AMG. Key amongst upgrades are the tailor made upgrades form Weistec Engineering in the USA. We have finished a number of projects with Weistec and are considered Weistec UK as we offer the most competitive prices and the best service.

With all modern Mercedes vehicles heading to charged engines means the scope for tuning is incredible and on a level never seen before from stock vehicles. This can then be taken further with Turbo charger, intercooler and gearbox upgrades all coupled with bespoke ECU remapping of the engine management.

For the older generation of N/A engines we offer full Stage 1,2 and 3 Supercharger systems which massive transforms both horse power and torque output far beyond the limitations of the stock engine! With Weistec offering the bolt on systems depending on the stages can be tailored to the spec of the customers requires for power and torque output.

Turbo charged variations

We can offer the full range of Weistec upgrade for the M157 engine, M133 engine and the new 4.0 Twin turbo M178 engine found in the AMG GT. We have full lines of communication to all ECU variations found the AMG range, coupled with uprated cooling systems, gearbox, exhaust and decat systems mean we can push some serious horse power and torque from your chosen Mercedes model.

Below is our most recent upgrade:

E63 AMG Power package 2

N/A Engine Variations

It was a sad day when Mercedes AMG decided to stop production of the M156 engine found in the C63 AMG, PP, 507 and Blackseries. Being Naturally aspirated means that unless heavily software limited from factory limits the power output from tuning alone. Even though we can get excellent gains from the C63 AMG with full iPE manifold back exhaust system when you throw into the mix a full Supercharger system with uprated engine components, cooling and state of the art software our highest package will see in excess of 770bhp!!! Making for a serious monster on the road!

Below is an example of a C63 AMG running full Stage 3 supercharger upgrades:

C63 Power package 2

Weistec Cooling upgrades


One thing that kills performance with any high end power upgrades is always heat! So Weistec have uprated cooling packages for the “big” power upgrades keep all temps down stopping heat soak which in turns means peak power for longer! There are a couple of options but the for the Stages of packages running extreme power we always recommend the Boot ice tank which has a secondary pump with a secondary water supply which can be drained off and filled 50/50 ice water mix for real temperature control.

Tank spec:

  • Precision TIG Welded Aluminium
  • Large mouth fill port for simple addition of ice
  • Complete system will contain approximately 6 US Gallons
  • 2000 G.P.H. Internal bilge pump for added flow and consistency
  • Aerospace grade fittings, wiring, and lines are included for easy installation on Weistec and factory Supercharger systems.
  • Easy drain access with ball valve
  • 3/4″ high flow water lines