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Wait in comfort

Here at GAD Tuning the customer is paramount! So when we initially planned our workshop refurbishment the first thing we did before we even started construction of our dyno cell was to increase the size of the waiting room.

We not only improved the size we also added more seating, larger kitchen, improved complimentary refreshments, opened up for more natural light, 458 Challenge wheel table, Large 50” 4k HDR TV, Netflix, Ps4 Pro with PlayStation VR all to accommodate the customers needs.

Our customers often watch movies, TV shows and play Granturismo Sport in Virtual reality all while watching over the workshop as we work on there pride and joy.

They have access free of charge to beers, wine, soft drinks like Pepsi, Dr Pepper, sweats, ,chocolate and crisps.

This brief was very important to us as a large percentage of our customers come from literally all over the country and very often other countries.

We regularly have customers from Cornwall, Wales, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Scotland and even Denmark, Monaco and Switzerland just to name a few so making it comfortable was key.