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BMW F82/F83 M4 Remapping

Here at GAD Tuning we invest heavily in having the latest calibration software, dyno cell test facility, main dealer diagnostic tools and communication tools to make the very best and safest calibrations for your BMW M4.

Not only running parallel with our BMW M3 tuning development we actually bought an F83 BMW M4 ourselves which added another layer of testing and calibration control.

The BMW F82/3 has the latest Twin-Turbo power plant which is found in the M3 and shared with the BMW M4, this engine is designated as the S65 which is a 3.0 Litre inline 6 cylinder with two turbo chargers couple with a really efficient water to air charge cooler. Running the latest Bosch MEVD17.2 identical to the BMW M3.

We first start by getting your BMW F82/F83 M4 in the workshop and begin by running full diagnostics of all systems in the vehicle. This will give us a clear indication to whether we proceed with the recalibration and dyno process or not.

As with other high powered turbo charged models we always get the vehicle inside the dyno test cell and peel built up heat from the vehicle which gives us far more temperature control while we commence the calibration process. From this the remapping process begins and we read all stock OEM data from the engine management ECU also known in the BMW world as DME. This can take up to a couple of hours with many calibrations and multiple sweep tests and steady state load testing to get the most from your BMW M4 safely.

The BMW M4 has one more iteration which is the heavily track focused BMW M4 GTS which does have the same S65 power plant but with a few revisions! Not only in a higher state of tune of the vanilla M4 and M4 Competition pack but also has an OEM water injection system featured with being lighter weight, stiffer, firmer and lower than the other models.

Only after data logging multiple channels and analysing the data we settle and what we think is the safe power and torque output of your vehicle.

Things monitored while tuning your BMW M4:

Along with increasing the performance of your BMW M3 we can also offer a plethora of coding updates due to the hardware being shared with many models. Including...

All taking your vehicle to the next level.

Optional extras included free of charge are:

Horse power and Torque improvements

Being that every application is custom written and dyno results can vary on different days below is a brief estimation we would expect to see:


Stock 425bhp and 550nm
Stage 1 510bhp and 680nm
Stage 2/2.5 530bhp+ and 730nm+

BMW M4 Competition pack

Stock 450bhp and 550nm
Stage 1 510bhp and 680nm
Stage 2/2.5 530bhp+ and 730nm+


Stock 460bhp and 550nm
Stage 1 510bhp and 680nm
Stage 2/2.5 530bhp+ and 730nm+


Stock 500bhp and 600nm
Stage 1 530bhp and 700nm
Stage 2/2.5 560bhp+ and 750nm+

Below are examples of dyno plots of Stage 1 and Stage 2 calibrations and clients vehicles on our rolling road.

ECU remapping is a short-term investment built for long-term gain. At GAD Tuning, we specialise in the enhancement of high-end, high-performance brands and models so as to guarantee they are reaching their full potential when you are on the road. Whether it’s a Mercedes, BMW or Audi, or even a Porsche, Ferrari or Bentley, our vehicle tuning service will help maintain the quality of motoring that your vehicle already embodies. That feeling of knowing your engine is running at the pinnacle of its powers is one that is rarely rivaled, and with engine remapping Essex you can guarantee that will be the case every time you set foot in your supercar. What makes us stand out from our competitors? Our in-house team ensure each and every development is tailored specifically to the requirements of your vehicle thanks to our cutting-edge technology. The state-of-the-art communications equipment we have here at GAD Tuning mean that our London ECU remapping services can be carried out to the highest standard. Many companies will simply remove the maps and then install generic software that prevents you from accessing the full benefits ECU remapping Essex can offer, meaning your Lamborghini or Bugatti may never fulfill its full potential.

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