Bespoke ECU remapping and performance tuning 

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Ecu Remapping

Bespoke Remapping By GAD Tuning

GAD tuning specialise in the ECU Remapping of both petrol and diesel vehicles, however here at GAD Tuning we specialise in high-end, high performance marques including Bentley, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Maserati and Ferrari just to name a few! Everything is developed in house and each and every development is tailored to your vehicle giving you the most your vehicle can offer in both a standard form or with physical upgrades. Using the latest in communication equipment keeps us at the cutting edge of ECU communication giving us greater power over the engine management, many customers do not realise that there are two aspects to remapping a vehicle, there is the communication process which removes all current map data from the ECU and then there is the actual remapping aspect in which values are changed to give a desired affect, this can be include changing boost pressure, spark advance, torque limiters and many other components to get a given result. Many companies simply remove the maps via the communication process and then install a generic file which match’s the software numbers of the ECU not giving you the tailored, less intelligent results. At GAD Tuning everything is developed for the vehicle in question each and every time. Everything is also backed up from your vehicles ECU so a record is kept with your original file that your vehicle left the factory with which is entered into our ever growing data base.


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ECU Remapping Insurance

Insured Remapping

GAD are approved, Insured and warranted for ECU Remapping and ECU development with a market leading insurance provided by hiscox group company’s with cover protecting the vehicle and the ecu. You can be assured regardless of the value of your vehicle we have it all covered. Due to the extensive cover of our insurance we are able to provide remapping software and remapping development to main dealers and motorsport teams. This makes GAD Tuning one of the most protected and able remapping and software development companys in the world. 

Remapping Warranty

Remapping Development

GAD are one of the few remap developers in the UK and infact the world. The development of both performance and economy remapping software is extremely specialist GAD not only have specialist equipment but a dedicated team purely focusing on new developments such as launch control for instance this brings GAD to the front line of the remapping industry. GAD not only supply remaps to retail and trade clients but also motorsport teams and other remapping comapnys.

Economy rempping

Economy Remapping

Economy remapping by GAD tuning not only create remaps for economy to save you money, but we also reduce your CO2 emission’s output. You may be thinking how this is possible, economy is achieved by engine efficiency and low end torque the simple equation is more torque low end allows you to select a higher gear meaning lower revs = Less fuel consumed. Amongst this and other factors we can extract as much as 10 MPG extra from some engines. So why do the manufactures not do this. Simple many factors such as different fuel grades, temperatures, servicing factors and different country’s that the vehicle may be exported to.

motorsport remapping

Motorsport Remapping

GAD are one of a handful of remapping company’s that are qualified enough to produce software for a number of high profile race teams including brit car 24 hour. With extensive development introduced to enable the best results for both the teams and drivers. GAD offer many packages and enhancements for motorsport applications allowing us to design develop and test vehicles in many varying conditions to not only prove power and performance but give an incite to mechanics so to further improve upon performance and a winning formula.

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GAD Tuning Remapping

Bespoke ecu remapping and automotive software development by GAD Tuning LTD, GAD have the knowledge and capability along with a dedicated team to not only develop bespoke automotive software but to exceed customer expectations and industry standards.

The team at GAD Tuning all have served in the motor trade and or motorsport since a young age. Due to the experience of the GAD team we are able to offer our clients in our opinion the possible experience and products available.

Remapping development is 100% developed in house. No outsourcing to foreign or other tuning company’s like many others. GAD is 100% self sufficient in the development of custom remaps and other automotive software. Being able to provide everything in house gives you the customer complete flexibility when it comes down to technical matters regarding remapping as you can deal directly with the developers.

Safety first , Due to the remap being custom and developed for one particular application data and logs are analyzed to ensure vehicle reliability and the overall well begin of components. Many will know that this is quite standard across the industry however  many still do not log data and test drive after remapping.